We are your team Professionals ready to Collaborate

We are a recognized leader in delivering project management, professional, and technology services by providing top quality talent to meet your organizational objectives. A market leader that understands each role carries a unique set of soft skills and technical skills.

Project Management

Project Management requires individuals that embody leadership, can seek out the important information in an avalanche of data and are constantly evaluating risk and re-evaluating project priorities. We pride ourselves on our dedicated professionals that consistently deliver projects which exceed our clients expectations.

Professional Services

Our clients need to be responsive to customers they serve; so the availability of Actuarial, Accounting, and Financial Analyst talent is critical in successfully gaining or retaining customers. In addition, talent that is knowledgeable in regulatory requirements is important for legal and compliance reasons. Our acquisition of professional services talent focuses on evaluating important soft skills, industry knowledge, education, certifications, and test scores within the field.

Technology Services

We understand the extremely competitive IT job market and the challenges our clients face when searching for top IT talent. Many critical positions are extremely difficult and time-consuming to fill. American Computer Services, Inc. talent acquisition staff have worked in IT and within the financial services, government, and healthcare industries. Their personal experience coupled with an understanding our clients' business and organizational culture, enable us to provide the ideal fit for our clients.



Why Choose Us?

Our consultants embody reliability, productivity, and a customer-centric approach. They are not just skilled professionals; they are dedicated partners in your success. Choosing ACS means opting for a team that consistently brings a positive, humble attitude, coupled with a personal commitment to your goals.
Our Consulants personal ownership in our client's success is what makes choosing American Computer Services a great decision.

  • Multi-faceted Experience

    We hire talent based on accomplishments in prior role(s), technical skill sets, personal and work ethics. We look beyond titles and deeper into actual experience working within business or technology areas.

  • Competitive Rates

    Not only do we strive for market rates that balance skills, experience, and industry knowledge. Client testimonials speak to the additional value our Consultants bring to each engagement.

  • Trust and Integrity

    Over 25 years in business consistently operating with foundational principles of integrity and trustworthiness prove our ability to deliver successes.