About American Computer Services, Inc., (ACS)

Excellence in Contracting and Industry Expertise

ACS is a privately-owned company based in Iowa. Founded in 1993, its goal is to provide contractors who are industry and/or technology experts. These professionals are ready to hit the ground running from day one, have a minimal learning curve, and deliver quality results that exceed expectations, thereby aiding their managers in gaining professional recognition.

To achieve this level of contractor quality, ACS has become a subject matter experts in the finance, government, and technology sectors. This expertise enables ACS to swiftly provide highly experienced individuals and small teams with specific expertise. They undertake special projects, assist with researching technology solutions, or complete vendor analyses. Additionally, ACS performs business industry analysis or data analysis to aid companies in making informed business decisions.

Overall, ACS has built a reputation for highly desirable contractors who consistently exceed company expectations when utilizing outside resources.

ACS recognizes that an environment is not 'one-size-fits-all.' Instead, it values flexibility, trust, and respect. In line with this, ACS focuses on hiring proactive individuals who are attentive to detail and can overcome obstacles.

This approach may explain why client managers frequently request our contractors to become permanent members of their teams.

At American Computer Services, we view our Code of Conduct as a dynamic compass that guides our professional behaviors and decisions. This is not merely a collection of rules; it is a reflection of our dedication in ethical excellence and integrity in all aspects of our business.

This Code serves as a cornerstone in our journey towards making decisions that are not only beneficial but also morally sound and in line with our company's ethos. It acts as a guardian of our corporate culture, ensuring that we maintain a work environment where honesty, respect, and professionalism are at the forefront.

Full Code of Conduct