Trusted for providing consulting services to financial, government, and healthcare industry

At American Computer Services, Inc. we strive to excel in every service we provide,
adding value for our customers wherever possible, and delivering results that bring success to your organization.

A Few Words About Us

Our company has been serving clients in banking, annuity, life insurance, property and casualty insurance, health insurance, and state government for over 20 years. Each client we've engaged has communicated the reason for partnering with American Computer Services, Inc. is because our Consultants understand their business, demonstrate superb soft skills, and meet or exceed the skill sets required. Our clients trust American Computer Services, Inc. in helping them deliver their highest priority and strategic projects.

Our mission

We are a high integrity, trustworthy company driven to serve our Customers needs and our Employees.

What we do

Provide high performing talent skilled in design (graphic and technical writing), professional (accounting, actuarial, finance), and technology (Project Management, Business Analyst, Developers, Database/Data Warehousing, and Testing) services.

Striving to excellence in
Project Management, Professional, and Technology services

The American Computer Services, Inc. vision is to stand above our competitors by being known for the quality of our work, the exceptional service we provide, and the integrity with which we treat all of our employees and business relationships. Clients will be enthusiastic to work with us on any engagement and our employees will be proud to say they are part of the American Computer Services Team.









Our Services

Project Management

We offer Program, Project, and Portfolio Management services providing highly experienced talent with exceptional leadership skills, industry specific knowledge, and superb soft skills to help our clients deliver complex solutions under high stress, constricted budgets, and demanding time constraints.


Our accounting, actuarial, and financial analysts understand not just the numbers and calculations but also bring the important industry knowledge, business analysis, and collaborative skills as a complete package ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget, and meet company, industry, and government regulatory requirements.


The high demand and low supply of technically skilled talent stresses out any IT Hiring Manager. Partner with our Recruiters who have over 10 years experience working in IT and are up-to-date in the latest technology and interviewing practices which ensures our clients get the skills needed to complete their projects.